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Since 1991, GriefConnect has been helping caregiving professionals connect with people in grief. Through continuing education seminars, program design consultation, as well as both printed and electronic resource materials, you can count on us as your resource for bereavement.

So, why the compass? When a loved one dies, life can become pretty chaotic. Even if we've experienced grief before, since every relationship is unique, every bereavement is also unique. In the midst of the confusion and the "lost-ness" that ensues, what we most need is someone to help us "find the way." And that's an especially good task for a compass.

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Hear Bill Hoy talk about the role of funerals in the grief process here

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Watch Dr. Hoy explain the difference between grief recovery and renewal.

Learn more about ADEC  

The Association for Death Education & Counseling includes a place for everyone practicing and teaching in the field of death, end-of-life care and bereavement. We represent the diverse fields of social work, hospice nursing, psychotherapy, higher education, faith community leadership, funeral service, and medicine.

In the words of Bill Hoy, "For more than 25 years, ADEC has been my professional home. Not only does this group allow me to constantly hone my practice skills, but through these people, I am kept abreast of all things death-and-bereavement related." Learn more about ADEC and join the association here.

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